Guyot vs pergola

Guyot vs pergola

Guyot or Pergola, innovation or tradition? The issue has been analyzed by the Consorzio del Soave in a large study of the local vineyards. Now, the Italian Wine Magazine Corriere Vinicolo has published the findings.

The study has analyzed the impact of the two training methods during the past 10 years and finds major differences between the resulting wines.

The majority of Soave’s Garganega vines are trained in the traditional Pergola Veronese. But more and more wine producers are choosing the Guyot (spalliera) training method. In hot years such as 2003, Pergola seems more efficient in protecting the grapes from the burning sun. In general, Soaves form Guyot trained vines were fuller with higher alcohol. On the other hand, Pergola training resulted in lighter and more delicate wines. Corriere Vinicolo questions whether the popularity of the Guyot method is, in some cases, a result of fashion.