May I have a glass of Sciaglin, please?

 May I have a glass of Sciaglin, please?

Did you ever hear about wines made from Sciaglin, Forgiarin or Peculit Neri?

The Friuli Venezia Giulia region in Italy’s north eastern corner is home to a great number of indigenous grape varieties, but as more producers are planting well known varieties such as Pinot Grigio, they are disappearing. The Bulfon family has a passion for these historic varieties and it’s a project for them to give them a renaissance.

The project started in 1964 when Emilio Bulfon decided to plant about 9 ha with ancient, indigenous grape variety on terraced slopes. He would take cuttings from old vineyards for replanting. As literature about them was scarce, he would talk to local vineyard owners to find out the best suited soil. Bulfons work was catalogued and varieties such as Cividin, Sciaglin and Forgiarin were reinstated on the vineyard register. Wine magazine Decanter defines Bulfons wines as an “important step in Italy’s wine growing future”. Hopefully, more people in the future will be ordering Sciaglin as well as Pinot Grigio…


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