Sweet U.S. Millennials


Research on U.S. millennials (by Texas Wine Marketing Research Institute) indicates a preference for wines with more residual sugar (as opposed to dry wines) and a sweet taste in general. Millennials (now 21 – 39 years old) are the largest, fastest growing wine consumer segment in the U.S. – the world leader in wine consumption*.

Type of wine. 56% of participants in the study consumed red wine more often than white (34%), rosé (8,5%) and sparkling (1,5%).

Sweet tooth. More than half of participants (53%) prefer the “sweet” wines over dry. Dry wines are favoured by 20% of respondents, and the rest (27%) are undecided.

From sweet to dry.Millennials who are 32-39 years old (so called senior millenials) report a change in their preference for sweeter wine: only 42% of seniors chose sweeter wines over dry compared to 67% of juniors (21-25 years old). Senior millennials also preferred red over white more often than junior, suggesting the progression of taste with age.


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