Going Green


According to the latest Sinab report (Sistema Informazione Nazionale Agricoltura Biologica) going green is a continuing trend particularly in Italy where organic vineyards in 2012 accounted for 57,347 ha (20,410 ha in conversion) which corresponded to 9% of Italy’s total vineyard area surface. From 2011 to 2012 the surface area dedicated to organic vineyards increased with the same number, 9%, with Sicily claiming the throne as the “queen of green” with over 16,000 ha.

Despite the economic crisis, organic agriculture is booming on an international level both in terms of demand and supply as people are buying more organic products according to the SINAB report.

Particularly in the Scandinavian countries this development is evident when reviewing the latest monopolies tenders. For example Systembolaget in Sweden has increased the number of organic wine launches, which currently accounts for a 1/3 of the Italian wine tenders.

In Finland, organic and ethical trade wine products almost doubled in sale from 2010 to 2012 and in Sweden organic wine sales grew by 45% in 2009, amounting to over 6 million liters. According to a report from CBI – the Ministry of Foreign affairs from 2014 the Danish market is showing promising growth opportunities within the organic wine segment as Danish consumers increasingly opt for products produced with respect for the environment and from producers who have the appropriate certification to prove it.

The future for organic wine is indeed looking bright!

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