Is Prosecco the new Pinot Grigio?

 Is Prosecco the new Pinot Grigio?

It seems the financial crisis has boosted our love for Prosecco and according to Italian wine magazine, Corriere Vinicolo, DOC Prosecco production has tripled during the last 3 years.

It’s particularly the British who are drinking more of the fizzy stuff. 6,5% of total UK wine consumption is sparkling and from January to September 2012 British consumption of Italian sparkling has increased a stunning 30%. So 13% of all Prosecco in 2012 was sold in UK. Large retail stores such as Tesco report a doubling of sales of Prosecco compared to a year before. So much that Prosecco is now outperforming Champagne (The Drinks business).

Prosecco has always been the drink favoured by Italians, but 60% of all Prosecco DOC is now exported. Could Prosecco be the new Pinot Grigio?


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